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A perfect storm is forming - are you sailing into it, or around it?

Cyber attacks, economic espionage, lawfare, trade wars, national competitive strategies  - the FBI is on record stating that no industry, large or small, is immune to these threats. Any company with registered intellectual property, trade secrets  proprietary business processes, or a novel idea can be a target. The effects are seen in every industry and nearly every type of company. Responsible business owners need to assume they are at risk and subject to attack on all fronts. But the threat isn't just  from cyber, so securing your I.T. systems, while essential, is just a part of what is needed.  In fact, cyber is typically only a tactic used in a larger, strategic campaign to obtain your organizations I.P. 

Your Organizations Attack Surface is Being Hit Daily!
Company Attack Surface

Think You're Safe? THINK AGAIN!

This is being done to Apple, Microsoft, Google, and a number of firms who never made the news. Some survived, some are no longer in business. There are steps you can take, but you need to answer the following questions honestly.

  • Would you know if a fire in Shanghai could put your organization at risk of economic espionage?


  • Do you know if your I.P. rights would remain intact or secure if you comply with China's mandatory technology review?

  • Do you know which countries are investing billions to develop products like yours or are developing a parallel industry? 

  • Do you know which countries have procurement policies that favor their innovation, products and technical standards?

  • Do you understand how countries are using "lawfare" strategies that could delay or prevent your product launch in their region? 

  • Do you have policies in place to ensure your supply chain doesn't give your innovation to competitive nations?

  • Do you have a personnel and security policy in place to ensure your employees work for you and not another government? Given their employee status they either have, are in a perfect position to get, insider access to your sensitive information. 

Organizations that can't, or don't adapt to this new reality and respond with agility should be planning their exit strategies. We know! We've worked for a multi-national corporation that was attacked by multiple governments, in multiple ways, and have seen it happen in real time. More importantly, we've seen the effects these issues can have on business strategies, engineering, product development, marketing, and of course, the bottom line.  They had enough money to work their way through the issues - do you?

We connect the dots between what seem like an isolated events around the world and translate them into how they could equate to a threat to your business. Give us a call at 425-888-6190 and let us review your industry or product space. We do not charge for initial consults. You may be surprised how quickly we can identify areas of significant international risk!

Standards Policy Can Help in a Cost Effective Manner 
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